Standard components can be used in 9 positioning decks. There are 3 more special decks to increase the working area. For all 12 decks, custom components can be designed and easily adapted for all decks.
Pipetting module can be attached and detached easily. We offer 2 different modules;

    • 1ul – 250ul
    • 5ul – 1000ul

Application specific modules can be designed and easily adapted to the robot.

We support standard tips as well as specialized tips. Pipetting module nozzle can easily be changed to adapt to most of the tips on the market.
Emg Stop and door detection comes as standard safety.
Easy to use UI with unique Pipetting Programing Language (PPL) for simple programming. Access the UI via web-browser anywhere anytime. On-premise option is added for those who have very strict IT rules for communicating outside the laboratory.
Easy to access tip disposable bin.
IoT based controller system. A special wireless network dedicated for the robot.
PiBot Programming Language shortly “PPL”, in which users can easily code their protocols simply line by line. Adding racks, tubes, tips and liquids, creating liquid transfer, mixing and pause commands can be easily done in this language.

Simple intuitive operation
and programming.

User interface is easy to use and intuitive. User interface is built on web-app, only a browser is needed to run the application. We brought a new approach for handling the robot. We have created a pipetting programming language (PPL) which make things easier for liquid handling applications.


Connection to the device is through a wireless network. Robot runs on IoT device and it’s interface is controlled through a web browser. There is no need to download or update a software or any cable connection.


Pipetting modules can easily be changed even between operations. Special nozzels are designed to fit different pippet tips, no need to change the whole module while working with different pipet tips. There are 2 options for pipetting module;
2ul-250ul and 5ul-1000ul

Suitable for all microplates according to
the SBS standard format.

Different variations of “Chiller Blocks”, “Rack Holder” and “Tube Holders” are designed for fast setup needs. All designed for easy fixation of microplates, deep well plates and PCR plates in SBS format 127.7 x 85.5 mm without an attached adapter.

Flexibility and

Pibot is designed to be able to work with any pippete tip regardless of the its brand. Only by changing the pipetting nozzel, robot can handle different pipet tips. If necessary, to attach the pipete rack, the right “Rack Holder” can be used which can be co-produced low cost, thanks to our co-production approach.


Co- production – Our unique approach brings more value to our customers by reducing the cost and delivery time of our products. We supply 3D models in .STL format of our products and our customers can 3D print the needed product and apparatuses. This method is also brings a faster and cost effective solution to custom design needs.



One of the most affordable and flexible automated liquid handling robots on the market.
Pibot is designed for small and medium size laboratories where great flexibility and easy set-up is needed.

Command List

Entered commands are listed here. These commands either can be given by using the user interface and by using PPL which stands for PiBot Programming Language.

Changing Order

Any command can be dragged and be dropped to reorder by swiping the command using the drag tool.

Delete Commands

Any command can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon located on right in the related command item.

Selected Command

Selected command is shown with red borders and source and target cells are shown in the user interface.

Send To PiBot & Run

After creating all the commands for the protocol, they are sent to PiBot to start and execute the commands.

Pibot Technical Specifications

One of the most affordable and flexible automated liquid handling robots on the market.
Pibot is designed for small and medium size laboratories where great flexibility and easy set-up is needed. Some innovative solutions that comes with Pibot is the possibility to change pippetting head between operations, a new rack solution where pipet tip rack can directly attached to robot, web-based interface with full user control and co-manufacturing capability for apparatuses.

Pibot Pipetting Robot Features

Dimensions W62cm x D60cm x H50cm (closed)
W62cm x D60cm x H91cm (open)
Weight 35 kg
Pipette channels Single channel (SC)
Precision and accuracy Complies with the ISO 8655 standard.
Volume Ranges 5-200μL or 5-1000μL
Functions Liquid transfer
Capacity 9 positions (SBS format) and 3 Special Format
Consumables Common pipette tips.
Standard components are already predefined.
New components can easily be defined in the interface by the user.
Features PPL Programming
Tip reuse and tip selection
Pause (reaction or incubation time)
Customizable liquid classes
Programmatically liquid amount, tube volume and tip volume check (to prevent errors)
CSV Import/Export of procedures
Procedure and consumption reports
Sharing procedures between users
UI User friendly UI that runs on a tablet or computer.
On-line status information and live stream
Safety Safety door detection and emergency stop button.